Why Eintouch?

Eintouch is the best quality and overall value in the email marketing service field.

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Why We're

Why We are Different

Unlike all of the DIY solutions in the marketplace, Eintouch manages the whole process, and we do it very cost effectively. The end result will be the development of a powerful email program that works! Our effective custom looks, bi-directional communications, and social media integration will bring you a powerful solution to reaching your customers online.

Eintouch was founded in March of 2000 evolving from a 60 year-old technology company specializing in retail point-of-sale solutions. Eintouch has built a highly talented staff focusing on providing the best customer service available, the most powerful solutions available and the commitment of customer results through the use of our products and services. We strive to make our clients happy and successful in their email marketing endevors and recently have expanded our products and services to provide assistance in social media as well.

An Overview of our All-Inclusive Email Marketing Services

The Eintouch Program is full service, saving you valuable time while providing you with professionals that will create an effective email campaign. Feel free to click on a any of the sections below for more information.

Building your Email List

We'll show you how to build, manage, and grow your permission-based email list.

Designing your Custom Branded Emails

Our professional designers will create a custom email design for use in your email campaign. We work with you to create a design that will perform great with your subscribers while keeping in mind your brand and vision.

Delivering your Emails

Eintouch has one of the industry's highest deliverability rates -- consistently over 98%. We have built trust among the many ISPs and adhere to industry best practices to ensure your email ends up in your customer's inbox.

Social Media Integration

We've recently made updates to our software and services that integrates social media into your email marketing campaign. You can allow your mailers to be shared by your customers through various social media tools. We also have several additional add-on services that enhance your social media campaigns.

Mailer Reports

Campaign analytics are very important for both our team and for your records. We will show you read rates, bounces, click-throughs, shares, and who exactly is reading your emails.