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Eintouch Referral Contest, Participate to Win Great Prizes

Written by Jason on Aug 05, 2010   |   ? Comments

We are excited to announce we have a referral program that we will be running from August 9th through September 10th, 2010.

This is a chance to tell your friends who own various businesses about our services. If they contact us or we contact them and they join our services, we will enter your account name into our prize bowl. The prizes will vary from a free month of service, to gift certificates for retailers in your area, to an Ipod.

Please forward all of the referrals to our office for distribution to local account representatives. You can submit them via email at or by calling (877) 977-3463 extension 800.

So take this opportunity to tell an associate or friend about our email program and how it is helping your business, (not your competitors!). We provide email marketing and social media services for over 20 vertical markets so they do not have to be in the same industry.

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