Eintouch Email Marketing

We make it easy to capitalize and succeed by building your traffic and sales through email marketing and social media. The 8 steps we follow when we focus on your establishment are shown below. Our trained marketing and design team will build a program that will yield results for you at an affordable rate providing your with a great return on investment. We know cost is important in your choice of email marketing strategy, and our affordable cost paired with the results we provide will satisfy your needs. We provide a modest cost choice with the highest yield results conveying your brand image in each email.

Step 1: Build Subscribers!

Sign them up!

We design and create attractive sign up forms and in-store displays. Just mail your completed sign ups in our pre-addressed envelopes to us and we'll do the rest! We also provide an HTML web plug-in for placement on your website, driving web visitors to subscribe.

Step 2: Welcome

Welcome your new Subscribers.

Once your customers have signed up they will receive a personalized email thanking them for their patronage and participation in your email club.

Step 3: Communicate

Communicate easily.

Today's thoughts become tomorrow's mailer. Simply contact your Eintouch project manager and let them know your ideas for the next mailer and we will provide you with a proof of your next email for your approval. Once approved it will be scheduled for delivery.

Step 4: Personalize

Add a Personal Touch.

Eintouch will send out a birthday and anniversary reward or offer to your customers. Industry statistics show that these programs achieve returns exceeding 40% on average.

Step 5: Holiday Greetings

Holiday greetings.

Holidays and special occasions are a great to time thank your customers for their business and to invite them to come in and celebrate.

Step 6: Get Valued Feedback

Get feedback.

We will design custom surveys that will allow your subscribers to easily share their thoughts with you. Gain valuable information that will help you improve your customers experience. We will assist you with a list of questions and an efficient format that will drive the most effective response, then report on the results.

Step 7: Measure Results

Measure Results.

We can provide you with actionable reports that include delivery rates, bounces, read rates, clickthroughs and shares. We are also constantly monitoring subject lines, read rates and other criteria to improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Step 8: Go Social

Add Social Media.

Enhance your emails with our included social media sharing button. Your subscribers will be able to easily share the mailer with their friends and followers increasing visibility and subscriber count. We also have a Facebook add-on feature that will automatically post your mailers to a Facebook promotions tab to engage your fanbase.

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