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Tips for Rapidly Building your Email Subscriber List

Written by Jason on Jul 14, 2010   |   ? Comments

Having a solid foundation of subscribers is one of the most important aspects of a successful email campaign. Once you have a subscriber base it is much easier to build your list through word-of-mouth, social media sharing and forward to a friend features.

Grow Email Marketing List

Collect Subscribers via your Website and Social Media Profile

Your website is a great platform for generating momentum in your email campaign. Let your visitors know about your email program and how it will benefit them. Based off our user-interactions the best spots to place your newsletter sign-up form is the top left area of your site, with the home page or a page dedicated just to the program being the most effective.

It is important to give your visitors a good reason to sign-up for your program. Let them know the frequency at which they will be receiving communications. Tell them about the great benefits of the program such as free items, discounts or the extremely popular birthday club with Eintouch.

Build your List at Events

Is your business participating in a local fair or a trade show? Perfect.

Events and gatherings are a great place to build your subscriber list, particularly with people who might not know much about your business and be morphed into loyal customers through an email program.

Having physical sign-ups and a display at your booth will provide the hundreds of visitors with an opportunity to join your email program and will have a much higher conversion rate than adding an extra step by having them visit your website at a later date.

Build at Transaction

Whether you are a restaurant or a retail establishment a great time to entice your patron is at the point of transaction. Asking politely at payment for retail and when giving supplying the customer with their check at a restaurant are two great ways to speed up your list-building dramatically. The customer already knows your brand and likes you enough to be making a purchase, you can show them how much you appreciate them by supplying them with a quick sign-up form for your email program that will provide them with savings and updates on your business.

Engage your employees and get them actively involved in building your email list. Have a contest where the employee who gets the most sign-ups at the end of the month wins a prize, with a small monetary prize you will find a large competitive spirit emerge from your employees.  

Business Card Sign-Ups

Business cards are an effective means of building your database if you have a large amount of business-lunch traffic. Use a fishbowl at the hostess stand with a sign briefly explaining your program, a drawing for a free lunch, and watch it start to fill.

Run a List Building Campaign

Sweepstakes, drawings, and contests all are great ways to motivate customers to join your email program. Also dedicating some advertising such as a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign where the only conversion is becoming a member of your email list can allow you to build your email marketing list.

Email Marketing can become your most Powerful Marketing Tool

A mixture of these tactics will you move from collecting just a few sign-ups a month to collecting hundreds and even thousands of names month after month. Investing effort and enthusiasm in your email campaigns will help them become the most powerful weapon in your marketing efforts.

With Eintouch's full service approach to email marketing we can assist you in organizing a great campaign for building your subscriber base and making your email marketing as effective as possible while saving your valuable time. In addition our integration with existing customer loyalty systems, point of sale platforms and effective implementation of each email will help you build your list even more rapidly.

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