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Introducing our Facebook Email Application

Written by Jason on Mar 01, 2011   |   ? Comments

Our updated Eintouch Facebook Application went live this week for our Eintouch Connect customers adding social sharing to the already powerful application. Eintouch Connect already allowed you to display your mailer in a Facebook tab but with the recent enhancements users can easily share the message on Facebook, tweet the message or sign-up for your mailing list.

Restaurant Using Facebook Email Application

Email Sharing Made Easy

Social Email Share ThisThe easiest way for your subscribers to share your email is by adding the share button to your email campaign. Then with a couple of clicks any subscriber can share your email with their friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter. If you don't already have this feature turned on for your email campaign, we recommend using it, it's free and can increase your email's visibility significantly!

Display your Emails in Facebook

The share button isn't the only way to get the message out about your email campaign, our Eintouch Connect add-on allows you to display your emails on your business' Facebook Page in an application designed specifically for Facebook.

Facebook Latest Promotions for RestaurantsFacebook recently changed how Pages, FBML and Applications worked when they changed the design of Facebook Pages, so our developers had to create a new application from scratch. We decided when we rewrote the application that it would be awesome if viewers on Facebook could easily join your subscription list from the same area they were viewing your email. We also thought it would be an even more powerful feature if the viewer could share and/or tweet the email driving the viewer's friends to both your Facebook page and your subscription list.

If these features aren't enough, we decided that when we implemented the changes we would make the process as efficient as possible... in doing so we decided to lower the price of this add-on to make it in-line with the rest of the affordable solutions we strive to offer at Eintouch. Many clients are already using this service and will be pleased to see a decrease in their monthly bills!

The Quick Recap

  • Integrating social media in your email campaign can boost your brand's visibility.
  • The share button is free and allows subscribers to easily share your email... Use it!
  • Our popular Eintouch Connect add-on is now cheaper, faster and has many new features!

Be sure to get in touch with your account manager to add either of their features to your account. We would also like to invite you to join Eintouch on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, this way you will receive updates on Eintouch and help us by providing feedback on future enhancements to our services. We also look forward to providing you with helpful tips through our blog that will help you market your business.

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