Why Eintouch?

Eintouch is the best quality and overall value in the email marketing service field.

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Comparing Managed and
DIY Models


Managed email marketing will stand out, it will make your customers react; Your emails will be high quality, targeted, and delivered. Your time investment will be minimal, your results will create a positve impact on your business.

Do it yourself email programs are great if you have an extremely small list, have an excess of time, and have design and marketing experience. If this is not the case then it is generally better to use managed email marketing services. Below we have created a little breakdown of what you get in a standard DIY model versus our managed permission-based email marketing program.

Feature Comparison: DIY Email vs. Eintouch's Managed Program

Gathering Subscribers; Winner: Eintouch

Having subscribers to read your email is important. With a DIY program generally you will be able to place a form on your website and gather subscribers, manually enter them in an excel file or add them through a web interface.

Eintouch provides you with an online form for your website, link for your social media platform and print sign-up forms that you can have filled out in-store that we will enter into your database. We also have formed strong relationships with point-of-sale providers so we might even be able to integrate your subscriber database with your POS terminals.

Data Management; Winner: Eintouch

Data management is time consuming and very important for increasing deliverability of your mailers. With a DIY program you will be provided with a web HTML sign-up form, some provide deliverability testing of all campaigns, and some also provide unsubscribe management including marked as spam ISP requests.

Eintouch performs all data aspects of email marketing for you including:

  • Data entry and/or data imports of all your subscribers.
  • Bounce handling aspects of on-going database and ISP management.
  • Unsubscribe management including marked as spam ISP requests.
  • HTML web sign-up forms and custom designed physical sign-up forms.
  • Deliverability testing of all campaigns.
  • Subject line analysis for maximum results.
  • Birthday Club management.
  • Survey analysis and reporting.
Email Frequency; Tie: Eintouch, DIY

Eintouch offers multiple options on email campaign frequency to your customer base. We listen to your thoughts and perceived needs and introduce our thoughts and expertise to create a plan that will yield the best read rates and results. Our general rule is to contact your subscribers 2 times a month outside of birthday greetings, holiday and other occasional needs. We have programs that include higher frequencies for businesses that might have weekly events.

With DIY models your frequency is what you make it, we see many people using DIY models mailing way to often, killing the results of their email campaigns by diminishing read rates and creating high unsubscribe rates by over-communicating. Eintouch avoids these pitfalls by fostering your program for you. 

Email Designs; Winner: Eintouch

With Eintouch your project manager is also a professional graphic artist. They will create a very nice branded email template for use in your campaigns. Our work is among the best in the whole email marketing industry and no others provide the value that Eintouch does in this area. Many other services will provide e-templates that cannot be structurally altered or in the do-it-yourself path you end up choosing your email templates from a pool that many other customers are also choosing from that generally don't match your brand's look and feel.

The custom designs that Eintouch provides your business sets you apart from the crowd generally increasing interaction and increases subsequent read rates.